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Buy Now -Pay Later

What Is TreatsIn4?

TreatsIn4 is a “Buy Now – Pay Later” payment option provided by Ground Floor Dog Treats. TreatsIn4 Allows for your purchase to be split into 4 easy payments.

How Does TreatsIn4 Work?

  • Pay for your purchase in 4 interest-free payments.
  • Pay the first payment upfront and the remaining 3 payments will be due every fortnight.
  • No need to open an account, just pay as you would normally with your card of choice.


TreatsIn4 by Ground Floor Dog Treats is a white label “Buy Now Pay Later” payment solution powered by APRIL Solutions (formally known as LimePay).

Yes, at checkout you will have the option to either pay in full, or BNPL with 4 easy instalments

Yes, TreatsIn4, either payment if full or BNPL options uses 3DS protocols, similar to 2 factor Authentication, and the most secure option for online shopping for both our customers and Ground Floor Dog Treats

Yes, the maximum transaction amount that will be able to be paid via instalment is $1,200. Subject to approval by the payment gateway provider – APRIL solutions (formally known as LimePay).

We will reattempt to take the payment 4 days later. However, a late fee of $5 will be charged. You can be charged up to 3 late fees which total to $15.

No, TreatsIn4 is a Ground Floor Dog Treats brand, this means, unless you agree to subscribing to our newsletter and staying up to date with our latest products or promotions – you will not receive any marketing encouraging to you buy more with other retailers.

TreatsIn4 by Ground Floor Dog Treats – Powered by APRIL Solutions (formally known as LimePay) full Terms and Conditions